Cleaning up dog hair

We all have a friend with four legs, some with long hair and others with simple lint. We know our friends can have more hair or less hair, according to the season. For example, in winter his hair, grows them.

Here are some options to clean those little hairs:

We can use lint rollers. These are cheaper, simple, and also useful with clothes, lint rollers are a great way to pick up dog hair. Use them on furniture and curtains, simply rolling the sticky surface over the dog hair and disposing of the stickers once they’re hairy and ineffective.

If you want to use a vacuum for cleaning up dog hair, be sure to pick a strong and durable model. Look for superior suction abilities as well as a product that is easy to use, has an effective agitator brush, and belt endurance. Just be sure to change your bag often (since it’s acting as a filter) and keep the wand and brushes clean. If you’re not seeing excellent results, try alternating the direction of your strokes and overlapping each time.

And although you may not believe, here we give you a secret: If you’re in a pinch but you’ve got some balloons lying around, blow one up and rub it on the hairy surface. The static on the surface will make the hair cling to the balloon. You can then wipe the hair into a trash can. Continue rubbing and cleaning up dog hair until the surface is hair-free.

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