Eliminates one of the most unpleasant odors that can stay in your carpet

One of the most pungent and long lasting smells you can get on your carpet is cat urine. There are certain steps you can take to remove urine smells from carpet in your home before seeking professional (Please note that we do not recommend this for all carpets. This method can damage some styles of carpet so be careful)

Begin using paper towels. Try to absorb as much of it as you can using the towels.

Mix vinegar and water, then use the mixture to saturate the spot well. Extend your circle beyond the particular spot just in case some had been sucked into the surrounding fibers.

Now use your paper towels, again, or a clean cloth to absorb or dry the vinegar solution to the best of your ability.

Once that is done, find some baking soda and sprinkle it on the area. Baking soda is unique in that it naturally cleans and absorbs odors which in turn deodorizes carpet and surrounding area.

Get some dish detergent about 5 ml and mix it in with some 3 percent hydrogen peroxide about 180 ml or measure ¾ cup. Sprinkle this mixture over the area where you have the baking soda. It may be prudent to first test your hydrogen peroxide and detergent mixture on a small spot to see if there will be discoloration.

Now using a regular scrubbing brush or your fingers rub the mixture into the baking soda. The hydrogen peroxide and baking soda will react together and begin to foam.

Blot the area using paper towels or a clean cloth once more and leave it to dry
Once the spot is dry, remove the urine particles as well as the cleaning products used by vacuuming the area.

If you have tried this and the smell still persists, it’s definitely time to call us (Steam Green Carpet Cleaning).

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