How to control the growth of dust mites in your home

If someone in your household is affected by dust, we recommend take steps to control your home environment. Dust mites reproduce quickly enough that their effect on human health can be significant. If the problem is caused by dust mites, you can take these measures to keep them at safe levels:
– Put your store knickknacks, books, and compact discs in drawers or closed cabinets. Keep your home uncluttered to minimize dust buildup.
– Replace your synthetic pillows every two years. Use comforters and pillows made of synthetic fiber and wash these in hot water regularly. For people with severe allergies, their mattress, box spring, and pillows should also be enclosed in airtight or allergen-proof covers.
– Wipe surfaces with a damp cloth (a dry cloth will just release the dust back into the air), for other way you must to do vacuum weekly.
– Clean and ventilate your kitchen, bathrooms, and basement frequently.
– Wash sheets, blankets, and bed covers weekly in hot water. Or to kill mites while lengthening the life of your linens, place bedclothes in the dryer for 20 minutes on medium and then wash in warm water.
– Use central air conditioning and, if necessary, a dehumidifier to keep humidity below 50 percent. Install a humidistat to measure indoor humidity; dust mites thrive in moist conditions.

Remember that dust mites cannot be totally eradicated but with your health on the line, you’ve got to take measures to check their growth in your home. So don´t forget the dust mites cannot be totally eradicated, but with these indications you can win the war.

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