If you want your carpet has a long life you must take care

If you want your carpet has a long life you must take care.

You need thorough vacuuming, especially in areas that get a lot of foot traffic, is vital for removing dry soil.

There are 3 types of soil that are found in carpet:

The first of these are dry particulate soils like sand, carbon, limestone, quartz, clay and feldspar plus animal hair and vegetable fibers. The second one are animal, mineral and vegetables soils. And the latter are water-soluble soils like food, drinks, etc.

The majority of soil in your carpet will be the first type – dry particulate soil. The most effective way to remove this dry particulate soil is through thorough vacuuming. This soil works its way into your carpet pile and scratches the carpet fibers as you walk on your carpet. This creates traffic patterns and shading issues that will prematurely wear out your carpet.

So, how often should I clean my carpet? The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration has given the following guidelines for how often you should clean your carpet:


If you want want to keep your carpet looking newer, longer, clean your carpet frequently! Vacuuming is critical to maintaining your carpet and increasing its life.

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