Myths about your carpets (part II)

In one of our previous articles we talked about myths when you want to clean your own carpets. Myths like the time estimated to clean our carpets (once a year, twice or three). The other myth which says that if I have my own tools I don´t need professionals. Etc.

– Cleaning will only shrink my carpet

Calm down, your carpet will not shrink, unless you or your cleaner leaves the carpet extremely wet. We will not allow this to happen, but you also need to play safe and check the carpet for wetness before we leave your home.

– No matter what company cleaner I choose, all are equals so I will choose the cheapest

Get your facts straight and have your carpet cleaned right now by a professional. Do not hire a carpet cleaner simply because their services are the cheapest. Bad carpet cleaning can only leave your carpet worse than it already is, so don’t settle for anything just because their price is the lowest.

Find someone who do the most thorough cleaning possible. Remember the price is not the most important. You should know that can be sure you will get the value for your money. We (Steam Green Carpet Cleaning) use a natural cleaning solution so you can be sure your carpet will be cleaner and fresher without left-out residue.

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