Urine in your carpet? We have the solution!

pet-urineWe love our pets but sometimes they make a big mess in our carpets and upholstery leaving not only a stain but a fault odor that seems to not disappear with anything that we put on the carpet or sofa . Because there is not always an odor it’s difficult to tell. Some pet/human urine can smell really strong where others do not.

We have special equipment to scan and determine whether your carpet or upholstery are infected and takes away the guess work. Urine can damage the fabrics and can cause problems for the health of the family. If it is caught early the damage can usually be limited or completely removed.

All the products that we use to clean your upholstery and carpets are green, non toxic and children and pet friendly so you don’t have to worry, your carpets will be like new without having any risk for the health of your loved ones.

pet-urine2In extreme cases your carpet may need to be lifted, as urine (like any liquid) can travel down and penetrate the underlay – or even the floor boards!

So if you have a pet or an elderly relative, and suspect that the carpets or upholstery have urine deposits, give us a call and let the professionals at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning to take care of it.

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