Which is the best form to remove paint from carpets?

Someday we have the great idea for painting our home and maybe we know how careful we have to be. But the true is we are not a professional, we are beginners and very likely to get some paint drops here and there. It´s ok don’t panic and don´t be rude with you, it’s not the end of the world, but we have to act fast.


The majority of paint drips are easy to fix, assuming that they are not allowed to dry. Just take a dry rag, one that is at its more absorbent capacity and dab the stain gently until it comes up. Do not rub or otherwise treat the drops roughly as it will force the paint into the carpet, at which point you will have real problems.


In the case you have thrown paint on the carpet, this is a different matter. In this case you will probably need a wet/dry vac, and you will need one right away. The most important thing is that the carpet not be allowed to dry. There is no one way to do this. You might try wetting a towel down and placing it over the spill while you find a wet/dry vac. Be patient because this process can be repeated once one has been located. Wet the spot with a towel, apply the wet/dry vac, until the area has been cleaned.


Some types of paint are easier to get up than others. As you might expect, water based paints are easiest. So, if you see paint drips on your carpet, take a breath and go for an absorbent towel or use hot water with a wet/dry vac. Even if they are allowed to dry for a few days. In this can you might have to be a little more aggressive at getting the paint up. In fact a certain amount of rubbing will be necessary but everything have a solution, so you can try it.

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